Reiki, a Japanese term for Universal Life Force, is a non-intrusive, gentle form of energy healing, which is used worldwide. Over the last several years, the use of Reiki has grown in many health care fields, including nursing, massage therapy, counseling, addiction centers, even hospitals and among medical doctors.

Some doctors are using Reiki to awaken newborns. Larry Palevsky, MD, at New York’s Continuum Center for Complementary Care states “I first began using it in the delivery room. If a newborn had good vital signs, but wasn't very responsive, instead of slapping him or her, which was the normal procedure, I would lay my hands on the infant for ten minutes or so and just watch him wake up.”1

Nancy Eos, MD and Reiki Master, has used Reiki on patients in the emergency room. She says “I can't imagine practicing medicine without Reiki. With Reiki all I have to do is touch a person. Things happen that don't usually happen. Pain lessens in intensity. Rashes fade. Wheezing gives way to breathing clearly. Angry people begin to joke with me.”2

Reiki assists by bringing the body's energy systems into alignment and strengthening a person's connection to the Universe and the universal flow. “One of the gifts of Reiki is a feeling of being reconnected. Reiki is neither a religion nor a belief system. It opens the way to new depths of spiritual experience and understanding.”3 It is a wonderful experience to watch a Reiki recipient awaken to his/her self and begin to perceive the world from renewed, reconnected eyes. The potential benefits are limitless.

During a Reiki session, the energy flows through the body going to the areas in need and gently clears stuck energy and shifts the energy patterns of the reciepent. The practitioner serves as a conduit and is not the one doing the healing. The energy flow is the healing element.

A main component of Reiki training are the attunements, which are passed from teacher to student. These attunements serve to open and enhance the student's energy channels so Reiki can flow freely and at increased levels. The student is then able to facilitate Reiki sessions on his/her self or on others. Using Reiki is easy, even children do it.

With origins traced to Tibetan sutras, the practice of Reiki has been around for a very long time. Natural, easy, and ever present, Reiki is a gift for all who share in its giving and receiving.

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