Avatar Course

Create the life you want with the most
powerful personal development
program on the planet

Guided by Star's Edge Trainers and licensed Masters,
Avatar is an individual integration process that
allows you to view yourself and your world from
a place of calm presence and serene power.
From this viewpoint everything is possible.
Anything can be accomplished.

"Avatar® teaches the use of proven navigational
tools that can be used in harmony with your
own integrity, to pass safely across the uncharted
turbulence of the mind into the region of the soul."
Harry Palmer

Free Avatar Introduction

Join us for an opportunity to explore how your beliefs are
affecting your reality and how you can use the Avatar tools
to change the blueprint you operate from.  Intros are
filled with awakening to new possibilities and
discovering the preciousness of life.

If you are interested in creating the rest of your life more
deliberately or if you have found yourself in a repeating pattern
that you would like to change, we feel you will
find The Avatar Course to be very
inspiring and empowering.


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What you think of as
an impossible dream
might be reasonable if you
thought differently.

"... the past influences you
as long as you let it."
H. Palmer

"I'm so grateful you
encouraged me to do the
Avatar Course."
Avatar Course Student

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